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Article by Maarten Tromp | Published , updated .

As you might (or might not) know, I'm a bass player. Currently I'm band-less, so I mostly play along with other people's music. For many well-known songs it's easy to find good bass tabs online, however that's not always so with lesser-known songs. That's why I've started transcribing songs I like that didn't have a proper bass tab available on the internet. I welcome you to browse the collection and try some for yourself.

For years I had been doing this on paper, when it occurred to me that I could publish those on my website. And by sharing the transcriptions online, there are now a few more bass tabs available for all my fellow bassists to enjoy. The list simultaneously represents some of my favourite music and bassists to play along with.

Below you'll find a collection of bass tabs, and I'm regularly adding new ones as soon as I find inspiration and time.

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Bass tabs