Welcome to geekabit.nl, where I document some of my hobbies. This ranges from designing electronics and writing code to writing songs and playing bass guitar.


For years I have been making things. 'Things' in this case referring to anything from electronics, lights, clothing, software, woodworking, construction and generally a mess. Since I'm more of a hacker than a writer, most of my projects are undocumented, however I'm trying to catch up with documentation.

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Bass tabs

As you might (or might not) know, I'm a bass player. Currently I'm band-less, so I mostly play along with other peoples music. Sometimes it's tricky to figure out what exactly they are playing, so I've transcribed some of the songs as bass tab. For most well-known songs there are plenty of bass tabs already available on the internet, so I'm mostly focussing on the lesser known songs here. This list simultaneously represents some my favourite music and bass players to play along with.

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