For years I have been making things. 'Things' in this case refering to anything from electronics, lights, clothing, software and generally a mess. Since I'm more of a hacker than a writer, most of my projects are currently undocumented. However I'm giving the documenting a try. Here are a some projects I have done over the years.

Building a keyboard from scratch

published: by Maarten Tromp, updated: .

This is the story of me building a computer keyboard over the course of a couple of years. It covers every step from idea to design to built, from electronics to mechanics to firmware to key layouts and from hits to misses. The result is a unique keyboard and a long story to tell.

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Collection of smaller projects

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part of the cabletester made during the soldering workshop

Here is a collection of some of the smaller projects I have hacked together during the last decade. Some projects are old, some are unfinished, some failed miserably, but I would like to share them anyway. Each of the projects by itself would be too small for a full article, so I'm writing a collection of really short articles instead.

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Fake car radio front

published: by Maarten Tromp.
Detachable car radio front made from another car radio

This article describes how I transformed my old car radio into a detachable front for my new car radio.

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