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Hi, my name is Maarten Tromp (a.k.a. geekabit) and I'm the person behind the website. I'm a tinkerer, tech professional and music enthousiast who enjoys a cup of tea.

When I was little, I always wanted to become an inventor. I loved Professor Barnabas from Suske en Wiske and Gyro Gearloose from Donald Duck. They were always inventing crazy new things. Now, years later, I realise I've become that inventor. Only, it's called hacker instead.

The word geekabit was coined by my friend Morten who needed a word to explain to his partner that he needed some time on his own to geek out. The word covered that beautifully and also sounded like the (then futuristic) 1Gbps network standard. Later, with his permission, I adopted this brilliant word as my nickname.

After a while I registered the domain to have a fixed place for my experiments with PHP, HTML and webservers. Over time it has evolved into a showcase for my projects and music. Publishing on my own website gives me a lot of freedom and possibilities, but it's also quite a bit work. However, that's just another long-running project.