There are many licensing possibilities for the material on this website. They range from copyleft to copyright, from GPL to Creative Commons. Some licenses allow commercial use, while some others explicitly forbid this, some allow you to tinker with the contents while others expect something in return. All these license models co-exist, but are incompatible with eacht other. To be hounest, I'm rather fed up with this. While it could be in the best interest of the individual to lock things down, the best for the collective is to share knowledge. So sharing is what I will do. I sincerely hope the contents of this website are of some use to you, either as a good read or as inspiraton for a project of your own, and I can't be botherd with commercial use.

Everything on this website is public domain. This means you can use any text, image, schematic diagram, bass tab or any other material from this website and do with it whatever you like. You do not need to ask for permission or mention where you got it from. Altough I always like to get some feedback. Public domain is described in more detail by Creative Commons and on Wikipedia.

Exceptions to this should be obvious. Examples are material from other websites, such as embedded videos from Youtube or images with a link to the original image source. I will do my best to clearly indicate other exceptions, but in case of doubt please apply common sense.