project: , published: by Maarten Tromp.

We happened to have a surplus clothes iron. I have used it in the past for making PCBs, but with my new printer that never worked quite right anymore. It seemed like such a waste to throw out the iron.

A while later, while browsing the Hack42 website, I came across Aequitas' and Moem's Strijklicht. Now that is creative use of an old clothes iron, so my build is shamelessly copied from inspired by this hack. The word strijklicht is a play on words. The verb strijken means to iron clothes, licht means light. Combine those words and you get strijklicht which means something completely different; the light just skimming over a surface. One might call this a word hack.

When I opened up the clothes iron, I removed the water reservoir and heating element. Surprisingly it turned out not all holes in the sole were connected for steam. A considerable amount appears to be there for decoration only. The ones that were reachable from the inside I drilled out to fit 5mm leds. To get the leds just right I ordered some extra bright, warm white leds on Ebay. The leds turned out to be almost yellow, but I didn't want to go through the order-wait-test cycle again, so I used them anyway. Under the temperature dial I fitted a little pwm dimmer. Now you can dial in the brightness with the old knob. The spray nozzle, barely visible on the photo, holds another led. To power all this I managed to squeeze a compact 5V wall wart in the space previously occupied by the water reservoir. Now this enlightened iron can even be powered via the original braided power cord.