Serial USB stick

project: , published: by Maarten Tromp.

For my friend Gert's birthday I tried to make an appropriate present.

We used to be partners in the tikkenteller company, so that would be a starting point. The tikkenteller used an I²C memory module, housed in a serial port plug. In my parts bin I still had a couple of the old prototypes. As a present I bought a USB stick flash drive of a whopping 1GB, the biggest one available at the time. I gutted the old serial memory module, keeping the shell, and stripped the USB flash drive from its housing, keeping the electronics. I epoxy glued the flash drive electronics into the old memory module shell. This resulted in the franken-stick pictured on the side.

On the flash drive itself I put some old pictures, video clips and other nostalgia. Gert enjoyed my home crafts and, last thing I heard, is still using the flash drive.