Geek jewellery

published: by Maarten Tromp.

For my girlfriend wife I have made some geeky jewellery over the years.

The first set of earrings I made her shortly after we met. It is made of ICs (Philips HEF4027BP, dual jk flip-flop, DIP). The legs are cut short to prevent them from getting stuck in your clothing. The hook is on a bit of thin solid-core wire that just fits between the IC body and the legs. Unfortunately it tends to bend a little.

Later, when we realized (and admitted) we are both Trekkies, I made some StarTrek TNG (The Next Generation) logo earrings for her birthday. These are cut from FR4 PCB material, since that was the only suitable material I had lying around.

Next pair of earrings are two sets of d6 dice I made for Sinterklaas (Dutch holiday). Since my girlfriend wife is a role player and general board game player, this seemed only logical. The dice were sourced from Ebay.

Since we both drink a lot of tea, I started looking for tea cup or tea pot related pendants. When I found some on Ebay, I made those into earrings again.

For our wedding I got a bright idea and made some earrings from bicycle light bulbs.

The most recent addition is a birthday present. It's a processor pendant (Motorola MC68HC000FN20, 32-Bit MPU, PLCC86) to go with the IC earrings.