Glove dryer

project , published by Maarten Tromp


Getting your motorcycle kit soaked is as easy as riding into a thunderstorm, but how do you get everything dry again afterwards? Especially the gloves stay clammy for days. Nothing that a hacker can't fix though.

From time to time I come upon a spot of rain while riding my motorcycle. Most times this is not a problem, since most of my kit is waterproof, but sometimes you do get completely soaked in a thunderstorm. While this is annoying, getting everything dry again afterwards is no fun either. Of all my motorcycle kit, the thick padded winter gloves stay wet the longest. Even after 3 days on top of the radiator they're still clammy, especially in the fingers. This means half a week of being unable to ride again, or ride with clammy gloves. My guess is that this is mostly caused by lack of airflow, there is just no fresh air coming into the gloves to absorb the moisture.

So I'll just have to introduce a bit of airflow inside the gloves. The resulting glove dryer is as simple as it looks. There is a fan in the base, blowing some air through two pipes sticking up. You place the gloves on the pipes and get a bit of airflow inside the gloves. I think I've once seen a commercial unit of similar design online somewhere. The glove dryer works even better than I expected. My motorcycle gloves are now dry in a matter of hours, being first bits of my kit to be fully dry instead of the last. I have also successfully dried shoes and a helmet on the thing.

The entire glove dryer is make from junk parts, over the course of an afternoon. A length of 30mm diameter drain pipe was left over after working on the central heating. This pipe fitted nicely into the gloves, so I cut two pieces that were a bit longer than the gloves. As base I had a box that used to be a lead acid battery pack I made for my first laptop. Unused holes are patches with sticky tape, and I cut two new holes in the top and glued the pieces of drain pipe in place with pcv glue. The box was just wide enough to hold a 12cm computer fan, left ofer from a diy harddisk rack from one of my early servers. For this I cut a big hole into the bottom with a jigsaw. The fan is powered from a 12V power adapter from an old piece of network equipment, which connects via the power socket of a guitar effects pedal. I can't remember where the feet came from. All in all, the most time was taken up by letting the glue dry.